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Tripping Daisy has been your friend since 1991.  Much like that worn denim jacket or that pair of shoes that are broke in just right that you can’t let go of.  Tripping Daisy was born from innocence and enthusiasm and grew over the years.   The band brought many people together and continues to do so.  The legacy of Tripping Daisy continues to expand as Tim DeLaughter and the other members continue down their musical paths with The Polyphonic Spree, Preteen Zenith, The Secret Machines, and School of Seven Bells.

Tripping Daisy recorded ouput began with a self released 4 song cassette followed by a full length album “Bill.”  Bill took on a life all its own.  With relentless touring and increasing album sales Tripping Daisy captured the attention of Island Records who re-released the album nationwide.

The band recorded their second album “I am an ELASTIC FIRECRACKER” at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ with Ted Nicely at the helm.  The band toured and promoted the record heavily for 2 years spawning two rock radio hits with “i Got a Girl” and “Piranha.”

After a grueling schedule the band retreated for a bit to regroup, find a bit of sanity, and to get the creative juices flowing.  In the time off they added a second guitarist Philip E Karnats and a new drummer Benjamin Curtis respectively to round out the core line up of Tim DeLaughter, Wes Berggren, and Mark Pirro.  This would be the line up that would create their magnum opus “Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb.”  The album was recorded in upstate New York at Dreamland with Eric Drew Feldman.  JHLTAB was the culmination of the sounds and songs Tim had been hearing in his head for years but was finally able to get them down to tape

Unfortunately soon after JHLTAB’s release, Seagram’s bought the Universal Group.  Island Records was a part of that merger which caused a major upheaval at the label resulting in little to no promotion of the release.  Ultimately Tim asked for Tripping Daisy to be released from their contract.

With newly found freedom Tripping Daisy embarked upon the next chapter in its story.  The band had decided to release its own music.   Tim and the rest of the band always had a knack for musical improvisation.  They wanted to document that process via the first release for Good Records Recordings.  “The Tops Off Our Head” is seven sections of the band finding “moments.”  The band toured regionally while working what would be their final album “Tripping Daisy.”

The band was at the apex of its creative output when founding member Wesley Joseph Berggren passed away.  “Tripping Daisy” only hints at where the band was ultimately headed.   The remaining members decided to call it a day as Tripping Daisy. 

Good Records Recordings will be reissuing and releasing unreleased material from Tripping Daisy; revisit an old friend or meet a new one.

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