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A born visionary, Jesse "Podunk" Hester wrote songs for many years, patiently honing his craft.. In 1998 he began performing locally (in Dallas, TX) as a solo act and also assembled a full band, known as Sweet Lee Morrow @ the time... It was during this period that his melodic brand of Indie Folk began to take shape... influenced by the likes of Tripping Daisy,  David Bowie, and The Beatles, et al. Rather abruptly, this creative period was cut short by the beginning of an experience that would shape both art and artist. In 1999 Podunk joined The Polyphonic Spree, led by former Tripping Daisy front man, Tim DeLaughter.

Over the next four and a half years, Podunk would traipse endlessly around the US, Canada, and Europe with The Spree. Full of inspiration and approaching fatherhood, Podunk left The Spree in 2004 to focus on family as well as writing and performing his still blossoming call. Jesse re-located to Austin, Texas in August of 2006. Today, his work is in full stride. He performs locally and regionally as a solo act and also at times with the accompaniment of friends who 's instruments range from guitar to pedal steel, or even things as minimal as harmony and glockenspiel. 

Bringing brutal sincerity in his words, his songs are carried in a vehicle fueled by melody and taste. Quite the under-spoken yet grandiose resolve that can only be the summation of a gentle whisper that screams at your heart and soul. Music and videos can be found @ www.sweetleemorrow.com

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