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Kelly Carr takes a break from renovating the house he's flipping to talk about his band, Pilotdrift. He's trying to get as much work done on the property in his hometown of Texarkana, Arkansas, as he can before his first child is born in a month.

It's been more than half a decade since Pilotdrift's debut album, Water Sphere, was released, and plenty has changed. The parallels between life in and out of the band aren't hard to see: reinvention, new life, the ambition and hard labor that go into reviving something vital.

Water Sphere received an amazing response upon its 2005 release, especially for a debut album from an unknown artist on a tiny independent label, but it's been long enough that a number of the magazines that featured the band then don't even exist any more. Neither, for that matter, does Pilotdrift as it was back then. Carr was joined by all his old bandmates -- bassist Jay Budzilowski, drummer Ben Rice and guitarists Eric Russell and John David Blagg -- while recording the new material over the last several years, but new families and straight jobs won't allow them to hit the road the way they once did.

So rather than replace these lifelong friends and collaborators with hired sidemen, Carr's instead bringing them along in avatar form. He shot the other four performing against a green screen and is developing an innovative audiovisual accompaniment based around his projected bandmates.

What hasn't changed is the quality of the music. On new tracks like "Black Box" and "All These Things At One Time," Pilotdrift's dreamy, dramatic orchestrations sit atop an uneasy electronic pulse and a bed of guitars that alternately lull and lash. You could compare them to Radiohead and Muse, or Stravinsky and Schoenberg for that matter, but the most apt comparisons might be cinematic: the off-kilter visual poetry of Tim Burton and the Coen Brothers. However you want to describe them, Pilotdrift remain as exciting and intelligent as when they first enchanted the indie music world six years ago.

As with Water Sphere, Pilotdrift's new music will be released by Dallas-based Good Records Recordings, the label run by The Polyphonic Spree's Tim DeLaughter and Julie Doyle. Expect new tracks to surface this summer aside other Good Records Recordings artists, as Good itself is re-launched as a singles label.

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