My Name is Moses

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FREE DOWNLOAD - My Name is Moses -  I was scared for a long time to create sonically the poetry in my soul although I've written for years. (feeling small, intimidated by not having any formal training and having been surrounded by some of the best musicians in my adult life.

After a very sad, sad night, I was drawn to Tim and Julie's Nord piano in their studio where i was living at the time. 
I started playing a few chords I knew, and wrote "The Birds Have Gone South." Stella, who was probably 8 at the time, ran into the studio. I remember the look in her eyes. She was giggling and freaking out because she loved the song, so she ran to rally anyone in the house that would listen.  Sadly, I was super tipsy and probably played/sang like shit, but in that moment "My name is Moses" struck my heart and head.
The way I understand Moses to be, he felt very insignificant but had a job to do. He tried to find anyone more qualified and better than himself to do it.  He tried to run away from it for years, but his calling was to help create freedom although he felt weak and scared.  He eventually chose to walk through that fear and it became a vessel of liberty.... 
It may seem grandiose, but in walking through the fear of being qualified and technical, in order to create liberty and freedom in my heart, I was brave enough to flesh out the calling, the Dharma.... I had been lingering for too long.... 
My Name is Moses
Jessica Jordan

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