Mission Statement

At Good Records Recordings, we're sensitive to the fact that, as a music listener and collector, you're bombarded with so many great songs from amazing artists; it's hard to find time to absorb what you already have. So we're making it easier for both you and the artists you love: we'll offer one song at a time, yours to enjoy as the artist creates and completes them. Each track will be available two ways: a high-quality download (your choice of MP3 or lossless FLAC) or as a limited-edition, collectible vinyl record with custom artwork and a surprise B-side not available elsewhere. (Plus a download is included with all vinyl purchases, because who wants to wait for the mailman?) And we encourage our artists to create a video for each song, because we like the experience of listening to be more interesting than watching a mundane line move slowly to the right. We want to be clear: we're not anti-album by any means. When one of our artists has an album-sized statement to make, we'll release an album. But we're encouraging our artists to present their songs to you at the speed of creativity, which doesn't always mean waiting until you've finished writing and recording 10 or 12 or 15 songs before you release any of them. We're removing the artificial parameters from the dual experiences of creating and listening, to enhance both.